By applying to become a seller on Antrelo Marketplace, you agree to this legal agreement stated on this page and you also agree to our Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy and License Terms.

1. General Terms & Responsibilities

1. You agree to only upload items that you own 100% rights on.

2. You can only upload an Item for lawful purposes. Also, you can’t upload an Item in connection with material which is offensive, defamatory, pornographic, obscene or demeaning, or promotes discrimination. If an Item contains an image of a person, even if the Item is model-released you can’t use it in a way that creates a fake identity, implies personal endorsement of a product by the person, or in connection with sensitive subjects.

3. We cannot be held responsible for any damage, fault or other problems your item causes to our customers due to fault files or copyright issues. You’re the owner of the product and promise to provide a safe and secure product file.

4. You agree to update your products if any faults/problems are found. 

5. You agree to offer support for your items when our customers need help with your product. You may also sell extra services to our customers if they need them.

6. You agree not to collect emails or keep a registry of customers who contact you by email or conversation. You only provide support or extra services for your items as customers need.

7. We remain full rights to remove your products or your selling capability if we find you or your products in violation of these or other terms stated on our site.

2. Commission

2.1 General commission

The commission is 75% – $0.50 (base fee). The base fee is deducted from the final selling price on each sale. Our commission structure is set to support higher priced products as the payment provider fees tend to play a huge role in low priced sales.

Here’s a table describing how the commission structure works with different product prices:

Product priceCommission (75%)Base fee ($0.50)Your earningsFinal commission

2.2 Subscription commission

On a regular subscription payment, a commission shared with the sellers is 50% of the total monthly subscription price. On subscription payment where an affiliate is a referrer, the affiliate gets 50% affiliate commission of the ongoing subscription price and we split the rest 50% on 50/50 basis with sellers. Payment per seller is calculated by monthly subscription downloads of their products.

For example, $1,000 in monthly subscription payments and $200 paid to affiliates from that $1,000, generates a 50% * ($1,000 – $200) = 50% * $800 = $400 total commission pool for sellers.

The commission to Antrelo sellers is calculated by their overall monthly subscription downloads divided by overall total Antrelo Subscription downloads in the particular month. For example, a seller with 1,000 downloads would get 2% of the total commission pool if there would be a total of 50,000 Antrelo Subscription downloads in that particular month.

3. Deal Terms

On all deals, your final commission is calculated from the final selling price. For example, if the product’s normal price is set to $20.00 and the final sale price is $10.00, your commission will be calculated from the $10.00.

You’re able to set these types of deals,

  • Stock limited (offer a certain number of items only for a specific price. For example, 100 pieces for $5 when a normal price is $10)
  • Time limited (allow sale to run for specific days only)

3.1 Stock Limited

After a product has been sold out and you haven’t made it available again, we’ve will manually bring it back up to its normal price. This might take 24-48 hours on a formal business day. If you’ve drafted the product, then we won’t bring it back up.

3.2 Time Limited

After you’ve set you sale price, you can add a time-limit on it by clicking “schedule”. The product page displays a time stamp when the deal will be over. This is great for social media sales for example.

4. Successful Deals

You can create stock or time-limited deals on Antrelo. These deals make it easier for our customers to get to know your products. We also do a lot of extra promotion for these products outside the marketplace to our existing user bases. This is a great way to boost your earnings.

4.1 What to consider for a successful deal

This is what we consider as a great deal on Antrelo,

  • Stock limited (more info in 4.2)
  • 50% – 99% off from the original price
  • Price it under $10 ($1.00-$9.99). Lower price means faster sales and these are much easier for us to promote outside the marketplace.

Need help? If you’re unsure of what type of deals you should create, just contact us and we’ll suggest which of your products we would like to see in

4.2 Guideline for stock limitations:

This is a just a basic guideline for what sort of stock limitation we would like to see on Feel free to be creative as we also consider product quality and sale price as factors when we handpick.

PriceSuggested Stock Limitation

5. Freebies

5.1 How to Add Free Products

You’re able to add free products by pricing them to $0 in the seller dashboard and it will automatically become a free item. You will now find this product on the freebie page of its category.

5.2 Free Products Visibility

Free products are not visible in the category, search, product page or seller’s shop page. These freebies are only visible via direct URL link and in the free products -pages.

5.3 Free Products in Antrelo Subscription

As an extra bonus, if you add these free products to Antrelo Subscription -category, you’ll also become part of Antrelo Subscription earnings pool and earn on every download of your free products that a Antrelo subscriber makes. Only downloads by Antrelo subscribers are counted, not regular free downloads by users.

6. Licenses

All items sold on, are sold under the Standard License.

5.1 Own Licenses

You may not restrict the standard license in any way. That’s the base license of our marketplace and comes with all purchases.

You may add a custom license to the product, but it must add a wider use to the product.

5.2 Custom License Requests

We know from the experience, that customers have needs beyond our standard license. We don’t have an extended license in place, but we encourage them to contact sellers directly in case they need a custom license. This table is a guideline for the price points we suggest, but in no way a forced pricing structure. Feel free to create your own custom licenses with custom pricing.